Abandonment Phobic Woman Falls in Love for the First Time

When I was a freshman in college, I dated for the first time. However, I somehow found excuses to end it, even if it was all going well. The truth was that I was afraid of commitment. When I was a senior in college, I decided to date again. I didn’t know my type the first time I dated, and because of that, I chose anyone. “This time will be different, I just know it” I thought to myself as I once again browsed through the various profiles online. I wanted someone to relate to this time. That’s how I met the man I dated and came to be in a relationship with.

I knew he was right for me based on the initial conversations and the first few dates. However, the fear in me wanted a way out, wanted to say “he has a problem you won’t be able to accept”, but the fear of losing this man was even stronger. I did what I never did before, and I gave him a chance. The more time I spent with him, the more I came to admire and love him, just as much as he admires and loves me. Together we learned about ourselves and why we do the things we do.

I have been with this man for almost a year, and I must say that it was worth all the struggles, all the tears, the laughter, everything. I learned that commitment is nothing to be afraid of, especially if you are with the right person. If I had not trusted my gut and not given him a chance, I would have regretted it forever. I don’t fear commitment anymore, just the thought of losing someone like him, and all the memories we share, because that is love.




My Unexpected Fitness Journey

We’ve all been told that we should start eating healthily and to exercise. We have known this since we were little. Some of us have made a detour off the path. For some people, that is just what is needed to set oneself on the path of leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. For me, I had to try everything once just to find my “niche.” What do I mean by “niche?” I mean that not everything that is good for us is enjoyable.

For example, are you creative and energetic? Do you get bored easily and like variety? Do you like routines, or are you more open-minded? These questions are important to know about yourself as working out and choosing to eat healthily is a lifestyle choice that should complement your personality.

It all starts with your mindset. Making up your mind and sticking to it is key, and also the hardest part of starting your own fitness journey. Imagine that! Once your mind is set on a goal, (preferably one that is reachable) you will feel determined to reach it. That determination will be your drive to success. Finding a goal doesn’t have to be a chore either. Try one or two push ups or sit ups, walking for ten minutes, going for a short bike ride, etc.  It is important not to abuse your body by doing more than it is capable of, so stick to activities that are short and enjoyable and slowly work your way up.

Keep in mind that leading a healthy lifestyle is an active and not a passive commitment. If one activity is not for you, don’t give up. It may take many trials and errors before you find the activity that works best for you. This is why a detour can be good. Yes, I said “good”. Why? A detour means leaving uncertainty behind, making mistakes, (getting off the path) but then coming back knowing your own path even more than you did leaving it.

This is a quote I made while in high school for one of my art classes. It is a quote that I still live by today:

“Life is a journey to know yourself and the world around you.  All paths lead to the center but   go different ways. Sometimes we meet dead ends, and sometimes the paths are well-defined. These paths go up and down and turn around. We all must find our path in life. We all must go our separate ways.”

Basically, we need to go out there and explore all that life offers us. It may seem tedious at times, and at others, a blessing. I found my niche two years ago while browsing YouTube videos. Little did I know then that Kelli and Daniel from Fitnessblender.com would be my motivation and inspiration for wanting to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle of my own. I like variety, and being able to express my creativity. Perhaps if more people knew what I know now, we all might share in leading the path towards a fitness journey.

Homemade Smoothie

This is one of my favorite recipes to use in the summer. It can be made thick and creamy, like in the picture above, or it can be thin and smooth.


  • One frozen banana
  • Frozen tropical fruit (frozen strawberries also work best)
  • Milk
  • Coconut
  • Almonds

All you need to do is blend everything in a blender and add enough milk to make it as thick or as thin as you like. Enjoy!